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MAXSA 20025 Compact Folding Traction Mat for All Weather Vehicle Extraction (Set of 2), Red



  • 2 Pack, Each traction mat is 5.5 inches wide by 23 inches long, perfect for all passenger vehicles
  • Traction mats prevent vehicle tires from spinning, so you won't get stuck in snow, ice, or mud again
  • Rust-resistant brass pin to hold up to use and the elements
  • Break-resistant plastic resists cold down to -22°f
  • Traction mats are compact and easily fold to stow (5.5 inches x 11.5 folded)

Описание товара

Never again be a victim of the elements with the traction mats from MAXSA Innovations. These traction mats provide an easy exit whether you're stuck in snow, ice, sand, or mud by helping to prevent your vehicle's tires from spinning. Simply place the mats under your vehicle's drive wheels and go! 5.5" x 23" size (5.5" x 11.5" folded) is perfect for all passenger vehicles. Includes two mats. Both new and experienced drivers can benefit from these compact, folding Traction Mats.