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Delta Smart Cell Phone Bike Motorbike Motorcycle Holder Caddy Mount Case for iPhone Android Samsung HTC Waterproof

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  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL STANDARD (and Plus +) phone sizes from all manufacturers
  • iPhone 6+ Plus ,iPhone 7+ Plus, iPhone 8+ Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy 7+Plus, Samsung Galaxy 8+ Plus, Samsung Galaxy 9+ plus
  • MOST SECURE Holder for All Phones up to 3.5 inch wide, 0.5 inch depth, 7.8 inch length
  • PATENT PENDING LOCKING device to keep your device securely in the case
  • FITS handlebars up to 1-3/8 in. diameter

Описание товара

Designed to keep your smartphone accessible at all times, Delta's smart phone bicycle mount securely holds your iPhone 6+, Samsung Note, and other??smart phones. Ideal for road and commuter biking and easily mounts to the handlebar or stem of your bike. Neat rubber bumpers grip and help cushion your smartphone and keep it at an easy viewing angle.

• Securely holds iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note, Nokia Lumia and various other models of larger smart phones
• Suggested use with road and commuter bicycles
• Handlebar and Stem mounts included
• Instant removal and installation of device
• Neat rubber bumpers grip and help cushion device
• Viewing angle can be set for preference
• Now includes all-weather water resistant bag

Will the Smartphone Caddy fit my phone or case?
• Compatible with 3gs, 4, 4S, and 5 models
• Works with iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Note and other devices or cases up to:
     • 3.5" x .5" x 7.8" (width x depth x height)
     • 89.5 x 13 x 200mm (width x depth x height)

Note: When installing, a maximum of 4 Nm should be applied to the stem bolt. Excessive torque applied to the bolt may damage material integrity.

Brand: Delta