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Epic All Natural Meat Bar, 100% Natural

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  • MEAT BAR: Uncured Bacon Wild Boar Meat Bar will satisfy your bacon lust and fuel up on 9 grams of protein plus infinite flavor your inner carnivore will crave
  • DELICIOUS SNACK: An often wasted resource, Texas wild boar meat is delicious, and when paired with bacon, it's something magical.
  • MADE WITH GOODNESS: A great source of rich protein , Calcium and iron and energy made from wild Boar as part of the Wildlife Management Program to helping restore native habitats and provide customers with high quality wild game meat
  • CONVENIENT SIZE: The Meat Bars are the perfect conveniently packaged animal protein for when you're on the go and for filling a life with epic adventure and epic health without compromising on amazing taste
  • CONTAINS: Twelve 1.5 oz. Meat Bars

Описание товара

In response to the success of EPIC's first chicken based protein bar, we quickly responded with our brand new spicy sriracha chicken bar! The Chicken Sriracha Bar starts with a stunning 15g of savory whole muscle meat protein. We then add a custom sriracha spice blend to harmonize notes of mild tartness and warm heat. The dominant sriracha flavor is complimented with the nutty taste of organic chia seeds and guaranteed to inspire your next EPIC adventure.