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Pac Sni-35 Adjustable 2-Channel Line-Out Converter

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  • Adjustable Line Output Converter
  • Use the SNI-35 when adding an amplifier to a factory radio to convert the radio's speaker level output to the lower amplifier (RCA) level input
  • Utilize Audio Transformer for Noise Isolation
  • Phase Adjusted
  • .5 dB Linearity from 20 - 20,000 Hz

Описание товара

PAC SNI-35 Adjustable 2-Channel Line-Out Converter *Adjustable 2-Channel Line-Out Converter * Use when adding an amp to a factory or aftermarket radio ; Provides an additional set of preamp outputs from a head unit equipped with only 1 set ; Linear from 20Hz - 10kHz @ .5dB while maintaining signal phase ; Isolates input & output circuits to prevent ground-loop noise ; Adjusts the signal from 2W - 40W per channel with signals below 20Hz cut off * WARRANTY: ONE YEAR