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Oxygen - Boost Oxygen 95% Pure Aviator's Breathing Oxygen - Fight Altitude Sickness - Recover Faster - Hangover Reliever - Aromatherapy Infused - Help Air Pollution - Food Grade - 2 Liters

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  • Refreshing menthol eucalyptus scent: 95% pure oxygen that is vital to our bodies' strength and vitality with a touch of menthol eucalyptus.
  • The ultimate travel partner: In three different sizes, pocket-size (Up to 40 One Second Inhalations), medium size (Over 100 One Second Inhalations), and large (Over 200 One Second Inhalations), we've got your travel plans covered.
  • Help is here... great for hiking and faster recovery: A great addition for your pack: low-weight and helps with high altitude.
  • Train harder - Supports athletes aerobically to help them achieve their personal best in both training and competition. Studies have also shown that it can support cognitive performance and be a natural aid for low energy and lack of concentration.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee: If for any reason Boost Oxygen's promise of high quality and accessible air wasn't met, please contact us with 30 days for refund.

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Boost Oxygen - Pocket Size 2 Liter